Jawatan Kosong di Sasbadi Holdings Berhad - 10 Sept 2016 - Jawatan Kosong Terkini Kerajaan & Swasta 2018 | 2019

Jawatan Kosong di Sasbadi Holdings Berhad - 10 Sept 2016

Founded in 1985, Sasbadi began with a dream to publish quality academic books for Malaysian students. Through a unique blend of creativity in product design and sensitivity to user experience, Sasbadi grew from strength to strength, building upon its foundation, and in no time, it transformed itself into an industry leader. Today, we are no longer just a publisher of books; we are an established Education Solutions Provider. Our vision is to transform the future of education in Malaysia, and will achieve that by bringing the best education solutions from around the world directly to teachers and students across the nation. Education transformation – we are right at the heart of it.


1. Assistant Marketing Manager

Closing date : 10 September 2016

2. Financial Controller

3. HR Assistant

Closing date : 16 August 2016

4. Finance Manager

Closing date : 15 August 2016

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Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2016 di Sasbadi Holdings Berhad


We are principally a publisher of educational materials, undertaking print publishing focusing on primary and secondary school education.  While most of our educational materials are based on the Malaysian National School Curriculum, we also publish other non-curriculum based educational materials and general title books.  We also undertake online publishing of educational materials based on the Malaysian National School Curriculum.  Our business is also complemented by the distribution of applied learning products designed to provide hands-on learning experience to students.  These products comprise miniature building blocks and mechanical, electrical and electronic components, as well as devices for measuring and analysing live signals, and software to create measurement and control systems.

Sasbadi has published millions of books and educational aids for the school-going children of Malaysia since we were established in 1985. From elite smart schools in the cities to simple schools in the kampungs, Sasbadi has been an essential guide for students and teachers on their journey towards knowledge. In our mission to broaden minds, we have created a new imprint committed to the study of literature, art and culture.

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