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Temuduga Terbuka di SALAM Shah Alam Specialist Hospital - 19 - 21 Jan 2016



Tarikh : 19 - 21 Januari 2016 (Selasa - Khamis)

Masa : 10:00 pagi - 3:00 petang

Lokasi : Tingkat 5, SALAM Shah Alam Specialist Hospital

Syarat Kelayakan :

- Calon mestilah mempunyai kelayakkan SPM atau setaraf

- Mempunyai pengalaman bekerja dalam bidang berkaitan adalah menjadi kelebihan

Sila bawa dokumen tersebut semasa hari temuduga :

- Resume lengkap

- Sila bawa sijil asal dan salinan

Temuduga Terbuka 2016 di SALAM Shah Alam Specialist Hospital

About Us - fb

SALAM Shah Alam Specialist Hospital , an 80-beds private hospital is the Group's first hospital. Established on 31st March 2003, it is an embodiment of the Group's prime objective - the provision of accessible, affordable and acceptable tertiary healthcare for all.

Located in the midst of an effervescent residential and business community in Shah Alam, SALAM Shah Alam, as it is endearingly known, is now a thriving medical and specialist centre focused on the delivering of exceptional patient care.

This is anchored by the continued upgrading of its comprehensive range of specialized services, state-of-the-art medical and clinical laboratory facilities. Against this munificent background, the team of highly trained specialists, dedicated nurses and resourceful administrative staff provide an empathetic environment that ensures your hospitalization period with us is one filled with efficiency and compassion.

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