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Jawatan Kosong di Watson's Personal Care Stores Sdn. Bhd. - 02 Nov 2017 [Upto RM3,000.0 Per Month]

The Watson's culture is fast-paced and energetic. It is a supportive environment where talented people are given real responsibility and the opportunity to succeed. If you have the talent and the ambition, come and join "the Watsons team" to fulfill your true potential. Please see our current job vacancies below:


1.  Walk in Interview: Supervisor and Customer Assistant (Sri Damansara)  - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,100 - RM1,300 Per Month
Closing date : 08 Oct 2017

2.  Walk in Interview: Customer Assistant / Senior Customer Assistant (One Utama Shopping Centre) Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,400.0 - RM1,600.0 Per Month

Closing date :  26 Oct 2017

3. Walk In Interview: Customer Assistant / Senior Customer Assistant (Bintulu) Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM920.0 - RM1,200.0 Per Month

Closing date :  05 Oct 2017

Supervisor Trainee (Diploma Encourage To Apply) - Petaling Jaya Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM2,500.0 Per Month

Customer Assistant / Senior Customer Assistant (Petaling Jaya) Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM1,500.0 Per Month

Health Advisor (Petaling Jaya) Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM2,000.0 Per Month

Beauty Consultant (Petaling Jaya) Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM2,800.0 Per Month

Supervisor / Assistant Supervisor (SPM Digalakkan) - Petaling Jaya Outlet Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM1,800.0 Per Month

Assistant Store Manager / Store Manager (Petaling Jaya) Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM3,000.0 Per Month

Beauty Advisor (Petaling Jaya) Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM2,500.0 Per Month

Closing date : 02 Nov 2017

and many more... (100 total vacancies)

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Company Information

Watsons Personal Care Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is part of the Health and Beauty Store chain of A.S Watson, the largest health, beauty, cosmetics and perfumery retailer in the world. Today, Watsons H&B Asia is the leading health and beauty chain in the continent with successful operation in 9 markets (Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines)

In 1994, Watsons Malaysia opened its first outlet in Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru. In 2005, Watsons successfully acquired the Apex Pharmacy chain, in which consists of 18 stores nationwide. This significant milestone brought Watsons to a higher level in the pharmacy business. Today, Watsons operates over 350 stores in Malaysia serving more than 50,000 customers per day.

Watsons strives to live up to customers’ expectations through marketing campaigns, a wide variety of high quality merchandise at great value and provides an exciting shopping experience. The wide range of merchandise also encompasses competitively priced house brand and private label products.

With more than 1000 brands ranging from medicines, health supplements, skincare, toiletries and cosmetics, Watsons Your Personal Stores is your one-stop Health, Wellness and Beauty solution centre.

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