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Jawatan Kosong Terkini di Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) - 13 April 2018

Established on 14th February 1992, the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) is a talent and skills development centre formed through a smart partnership between the Malaysian government and the private sector with an aim of improving the human resources pool in the country. Our primary goal is to develop human resources development through Competency Based Learning.


1. Big Data Analytics Program

2. Apprentice Shoe Designer Program

3. Expert Craftsman in Programmable Logic Controller (EC-PLC)

Closing Date : 11 - 13 April 2018

Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2017 di Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)

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Strive to be the Benchmarked Centre of Excellence for Competency-Based Learning in Malaysia.


To enable performance improvement in individual and organization of the NKEA focused industries through the development of competencies.

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