Jawatan Kosong Terkini di Mr. D.I.Y. Trading Sdn Bhd - 3 Feb 2019 [Gaji : RM2,000 - RM3,000 + Attractive Salary Package + Incentive Allowance + Health Care Benefits]

Since MR. D.I.Y. first outlet opened in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in July 2005, we have been dedicated to make a difference in the lives of our valued customers. Today, MR. D.I.Y. is proudly a home grown enterprise with over 100 outlets throughout Malaysia. Each of our outlets spaces encompasses averagely 10,000 square feet providing a comfortable and wholesome family shopping experience. We employ more than 2500 employees serving more than 45 million customers yearly at all MR. D.I.Y. outlets throughout Malaysia.


1. Promoter - Mohon sini
Gaji : RM1,100 - RM1,200 Per Month

Tarikh tutup permohonan : 03 February 2019

* Sila baca terlebih syarat kelayakan dan maklumat lain melalui link yang admin sediakan di tepi setiap jawatan sebelum membuat permohonan. Semoga berjaya semua..

Cara Membuat Permohonan:

Permohonan mestilah di buat melalui laman web Maukerja.

Cara daftar dan Mohon boleh lihat di sini   KLIK SINI

Semoga maju jaya!!

Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2018 di Mr. D.I.Y. Trading Sdn Bhd

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Mission & Vision MR. D.I.Y. strives to always put customers first by operating an innovative business that is flexible when it comes to a wide range of product variety, good quality and value-for-money prices; holding true to our company motto ALWAYS LOW PRICES.
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