Jawatan Kosong di Columbia Asia Group - 11 May 2016

We open doors to responsible and modern healthcare. Columbia Asia is a healthcare provider offering the uncompromising standards of patient care. We pioneered a modern and efficient healthcare delivery system with its own design and operating software. Columbia Asia was first established in South East Asia in 1995, and is rapidly expanding across South Asia. The hospitals are fully-equipped, multi-disciplined facilities offering quality inpatient and outpatient services.


1. Kitchen Cook

Closing date : 11 May 2016

2. Finance Executive (permanently based in Subang Jaya)

Closing date : 04 May 2016

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Jawatan Kosong di Columbia Asia Group http://mehkerja.blogspot.my/

Why join us?

Leading the way…

Efficient and effective healthcare for you.

Columbia Asia is a US-based international healthcare provider, with 28 healthcare facilities is operations in the region. Columbia Asia is the future of healthcare. Columbia Asia hospitals are clean, efficient, affordable and accessible. The innovation design of Columbia Asia hospitals, from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused in creating the most positive experience for patients. We are committed to remain the preferred choice for insurance companies, corporate and families.

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