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Jawatan Kosong di Christy Ng Sdn Bhd - 25 June 2017 [Gaji : RM1,300 - RM10,000 + Attractive commission schem & etc]

We are on the constant look out for individuals who are self-driven, love social media, technology and innovation.  As a place where awesome footwear and technology make perfect partners, the one thing all of us have insight is a real sense of excitement looking forward to the future and the endless possibilities it can bring.


1. Sales Promoter (Isetan KLCC) - Mohon Sini
Gaji : Upto RM5,000.0 Per Month
Closing date : 25 June 2017

2. Retail Operation Executive - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,500.0 - RM3,500.0 Per Month

3. Retail Operation Executive - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,500.0 - RM3,500.0 Per Month
Closing date : 08 June 2017

4. Tailor - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM10,000 +++ Per Month
Closing date : 07 June 2017

5. Retail Sales Executive (SOGO, KL) - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,300 - RM5,000 Per Month
Closing date : 11 June 2017

6. Retail Assistant  Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,500 - RM3,500 Per Month
Closing date : 24 June 2017

* Sila baca terlebih syarat kelayakan dan maklumat lain melalui link yang admin sediakan di tepi setiap jawatan sebelum membuat permohonan. Semoga berjaya semua..

Cara Membuat Permohonan:

Permohonan mestilah di buat melalui laman web Maukerja.

Cara daftar dan Mohon boleh lihat di sini   KLIK SINI

Semoga maju jaya!!

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Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2017 di Christy Ng Sdn Bhd


Shoe heaven’s bitter sweet journey began in the living room of Christy’s mother house in Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya.  Due to the lack of funds, bootstrapping was the only feasible way the business could kick off the ground.

It all started when Christina Ng, then working for a Swiss Pharmaceutical company decided to put her childhood dream to life and make some side income. Christy Ng is a pseudonym used in the initial stage during brand conceptualization as a symbol of reinvention in hopes of great things to come. After loading a few unique shoe designs on Facebook, the news went viral and the Christy Ng Shoes fan page gained thousands of fans within the first month.

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