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Jawatan Kosong di Fuji Xerox - 8 Dec 2018 [Gaji : RM1,800 - RM3,800 + Cash Bonus + Monthly Commission + Allowance]

In all ages, human beings aspire for a better life and a better society and continue to create new values. As people demonstrate their infinite creativity - while inspiring eachother, engaging in a continual process of trial and error, as well as obtaining a deeper understanding of one another - "documents" that visualize knowledge such as ideas, wisdom and experience have always played an important role.


1. Corporate Sales Executive - Mohon Sini
Gaji : RM1,800.0 - RM3,800.0 Per Month

Tarikh tutup permohonan : 08 December 2018

* Sila baca terlebih syarat kelayakan dan maklumat lain melalui link yang admin sediakan di tepi setiap jawatan sebelum membuat permohonan. Semoga berjaya semua..

Cara Membuat Permohonan:

Permohonan mestilah di buat melalui laman web Maukerja.

Cara daftar dan Mohon boleh lihat di sini   KLIK SINI

Semoga maju jaya!!

Jawatan Kosong di Fuji Xerox

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