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Jawatan Kosong Terkini di Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) - 22 Dec 2018

Bank Negara Malaysia also places high importance in its developmental role with respect to economic management, institutional building and the development of the financial system infrastructure. In achieving these objectives, Bank Negara Malaysia significantly emphasis on human capital development. We seek outstanding talents who have the attributes and competencies to join us for a fulfilling career in Bank Negara Malaysia.


1. Clerical Officer, BNM Office Pulau Pinang

2. First Level Executive, LINK and BNM Offices (HQ)

3. Administrative Officer, Credit & Financial Statistics Section (CFSS)

4. First Level Executive, Credit & Financial Statistics Section (CFSS)

5. Executive, Enforcement and Financial Investigations (Team 2 and Team 3)

6.  First Level Executive, DNFBP Team 4, Financial Intelligence and Enforcement

7. Administrative Officer, Monetary Policy Department

8. Application Middleware Architect | IT Services Department

9. First Level Executive, Monetary Policy Department

10. Senior Economist, Economics Department

11. Analyst / Supervisor, Regulatory Practice | Money Services Business Regulation

12. First Level Executice, DNFBP Team 2, Financial Intelligence and Enforcement

13. First Level Executive, FIU 3 Team 1, Financial Intelligence and Enforcement

Close date : 28 November - 22 December 2018

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Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2018 di Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

About the Bank

Bank Negara Malaysia (the Central Bank of Malaysia), is a statutory body which started operations on 26 January 1959. Bank Negara Malaysia is governed by the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009. The role of Bank Negara Malaysia is to promote monetary and financial stability. This is aimed at providing a conducive environment for the sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy.

Bank Negara Malaysia’s monetary policy stance is to maintain price stability while remaining supportive of growth. Bank Negara Malaysia is also responsible for financial system stability. This is achieved by developing a sound, resilient, progressive and diversified financial sector which serves to support the sectors of the real economy. It also plays an important function in implementing initiatives to deepen and strengthen the financial markets, including the foreign exchange market.

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